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What is Core Aeration?

Core aeration is the mechanical process of pulling 3″ plugs of soil from your turf. When the machine pulls the plugs of soil from your turf; these leftovers are nutrient rich and will naturally dissolve into your soil.

Why perform Core Aeration in Shakopee and the surrounding cities?

The benefits of a proper core aeration service are tremendous. Overtime, every lawn will be compacted due to foot and lawn mower traffic, and also water practices. When the soil is compacted, it becomes more difficult for your lawn to absorb water and nutrients to their fullest capability. As result, the root zone of grass blades will be unable to grow and root deeper into the soil where there is more and better nutrients and water. Eventually grass disease can occur and balding or patch grass will appear.

As grass roots are able to grow deeper into nutrient rich soil, the requirement of water will decrease, as well as for fertilizers and weed killers. The deeper the root of the grass, the less likelihood of weeds and disease in your lawn.

A proper core will be visible by the cores that are left behind from the service. These plugs will automatically dissolve into the soil on their own and do not need to be picked up or removed. Fall is the best time to perform this service.