Suburban Outdoor Services

Lawn Fertilizing & Weed Control Service

Suburban Outdoor Services offers a One Application fertilizer 36-0-06 .29% Cavalcade with controlled iron that will feed your lawn up to 8 months. Our One application fertilizer is formulated with Cavalcade pre- emergent herbicide for control of crabgrass.

One application fertilizer uses up to 50% less total nitrogen per year, because just one application of 36-0-06 .29% Cavalcade will keep your turf lush, green and healthy up to 8 months. A key component is that it is more environmentally friendly. One AP is an advanced generation, polymer coating that gradually meters nutrients directly to the turf, which minimizes potential losses to the environment, atmosphere and groundwater. One AP is a certified ECO Choice Plant Nutrient product possessing key environmental qualifications.

The exclusive release controlled of one application eliminates growth flushes like you get with ordinary fertilizers that release nitrogen suddenly. Without those " peaks and valleys" of surge growth, you spend less time on mowing and fuel.