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Irrigation Repair Start-up & Winterizing

Irrigation Services

Suburban Outdoor Services knows that irrigation systems are a great resource but when they’re not taken care of, they can become a serious nuisance. That’s why we help people stay on top of maintenance and repairs. With just a couple of maintenance visits a year, you can avoid major malfunctions. If your current system needs a start-up, repair or winterizing, count on us to help.

Spring Start-Up 

Homeowners and business owners with an irrigation system should have start-up services performed in the spring. We will check the entire system up and down, identifying and fixing any broken parts.  We will also ensure your system settings are programmed correctly for the specific turf and soil types. Performing irrigation maintenance will ensure your system is ready to function properly during the watering season. 


Irrigation system issues can be obvious, but they can also fly under the radar. If you aren’t aware of the signs, you may not recognize an issue until it compounds into a larger problem. 

Call us if you notice any of the following issues: 

Signs of damaged pipes. Blocked or broken sprinkler heads. Low water pressure.   Our experts will work as quickly as possible to find a solution. 


Winterization services (Shut down) are needed to prepare your system for the winter months. We schedule this service in October. We will shut down your irrigation system by blowing out the lines and confirming they are completely empty. In addition to this, we will turn off the water supply and controller and assess the condition of the system.  This service is crucial to avoid freezing irrigation lines, broken sprinkler heads and confirm the backflow preventer has been properly closed.