Suburban Outdoor Services

Irrigation Start Up, Blow-Out & Repair

Now that you have an underground irrigation system installed, proper maintenance is key in assuring that your system is running efficiently and will last for years to come.  There are two important opportunities for professional service, to help extend the life of your system.  In the spring, a system start-up is more than just turning the water back on.  Your system has been through the harshest part of the year (winter) and needs to be turned on with care.  Once properly start, the system

needs to be checked to diagnose any problems that may have come up during the freeze/thaw cycle.  More important is the winterization of the system.  The fall blow out is essential in preparing your system for the harsh Minneapolis winter months.  Water to the system is properly turn off and water is blown out of the pipes with a professional grade air compressor.  Any water left in the pipes can freeze and expand, causing expensive leaks.

Aside from the regular maintenance of an irrigation system, our technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair any of your system’s issues.  From poorly adjust heads to breaks in the main line, our technicians can help you get your irrigation system back up and running efficiently.