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Lawn Dethatching

A thorough dethatching service is a great part of an annul lawn care program for your turf. After time, grass and leaves do not fully decompose into your lawn’s soil. When this happens, the remnants turn to “thatch.”

What is thatch?

Thatch poses a problem as it’s a thick layer of non-decomposed material such as grass, leaves, and small twigs; that do not fully decompose into the soil of your lawn. When this occurs, thatch robs your lawn from absorbing all available nutrients such as fertilizer and water. Overtime thatch builds up and poses big problems for a healthy, green lawn.

What do I do?

When thatch is posing problems for your lawn, the best solution is to get rid of it. A thorough dethatching, or power raking service, usually corrects the problem. This service uses tine rakes attached to a commercial lawn mower or similar equipment; and vigorouly “de-thatches” or rakes out the dead grass from the lawn. We follow this up by hauling away all the debris.
After the debris is taken away and the thatch problem has been corrected, you are now ready for you weekly lawn mowing service.