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Lawn Fertilizing & Weed Control Service

We guarantee great results with Suburban Outdoor Service's lawn fertilizing & weed control service! Certified and licensed professionals will use a one application fertilizer in the Spring that will last 8 months. This application prevents over fertilizing and unwanted growth spikes due to the release control. Our weed control service will help prevent crabgrass, dandelions and creeping charlie. You will LOVE your lawn!


Crabgrasses come in many varieties, but all are unwanted in lawns. Crabgrass requires aggressive treatments to avoid making turf look coarse and uneven. By applying pre-emergent and crabgrass herbicide in early spring we can help prevent these species from taking over your beautiful grass. Large crabgrass and smooth crabgrass are the two most common in our area.


Yellow dandelion flowers appear early Spring followed by their puffy seed heads. They spread this weed far and wide. A lawn full of dandelions is a sign of neglect. Regular fertilization and weed control applications by our lawncare experts can help keep your yard be dandelion-free and standout in your neighborhood. Since dandelion seeds are spread in the wind from neighboring properties, treatment must be done each year for the best results.

Creeping Charlie 

Also known as ground ivy, creeping charlie is an exotic weed introduced ages ago. It has a habit of spreading and the lush growth can crowd out turf grasses, especially in shady or damp areas. Control can require multiple applications generally in the fall.  As part of a fertilization and weed control plan, you can rely on our expertise to handle this invasive species.