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Lawn Maintenance Service In Prior Lake

Suburban Outdoor Services is proud to provide high quality lawn care maintenance to residential and commercial clients in Prior Lake. Our team has over 20 years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of lawn care, including our proven fertilization and weed control program, dethatching, aeration and landscaping. Our long success is due to our constant drive to serve our existing and future customers with honesty and genuine care. We are your local service provider that can address all your lawn care service needs to enhance your property.

Prior Lake Lawn Care Service

Suburban Outdoor Services offers professional commercial and residential weekly lawn mowing services in Prior Lake using the latest equipment. All lawn mowing quotes include full trimming and blowing of clippings on sidewalks, patio, and driveway areas. We take great pride in our grass cutting abilities and make sure that our lawn mower blades stay sharp, and our machines stay clean so that your yard always looks its best. We have a well-trained and dedicated staff so that you can breathe easy knowing that professionals will be handling your lawn care needs, leaving you the time to enjoy your summer.

Prior Lake Fertilizing and Weed Control

Suburban Outdoor Uses One Application Lawn Fertilizer that will feed your lawn for an entire growing season in just one application. This new and exciting product changes the way we think about fertilizing your lawn in Prior Lake. Suburban Outdoor no longer needs to apply multiple fertilizer applications every 6 weeks to achieve the same results. You will enjoy a thick green lawn all season. How is this possible? As your lawn grows and consumes nutrients, the Advanced Nitrogen Technology contained in the bag will release nutrients directly back to the root zone throughout the growing season for up to 7 months. Because this controlled-release approach is not affected by rainfall or irrigation, your lawn will consume those nutrients when they are needed with less chance for runoff or nitrogen loss.

Prior Lake Lawn Aeration

The benefits of Suburban Outdoor Services’ proper core aeration service in Prior Lake are tremendous. Your lawn can become compacted due to foot and lawn mower traffic. Compacted soil becomes more difficult to absorb water and nutrients to their fullest capability. The root zone of grass blades will be unable to grow and root deeper into the soil. Grass disease can occur and balding or patch grass will appear. After core aeration is complete, grass roots can grow deeper into nutrient rich soil. The requirement of water, fertilizer and weed killer decreases. The deeper the root of the grass, the less likelihood of weeds and disease in your lawn.

Prior Lake Lawn Dethatching

Suburban Outdoor Service will provide a thorough dethatching of your Prior Lake property. This is a great part of an annual lawn care program for your turf. After time, grass and leaves do not fully decompose into your lawn’s soil. When this happens, the remnants turn to thatch. When thatch is posing problems for your lawn, the best solution is to get rid of it. Dethatching, or power raking service, usually corrects the problem. This service uses tine rakes attached to a commercial lawn mower or similar equipment and vigorously “de-thatches” or rakes out the dead grass from the lawn. We follow this up by hauling away all the debris.

Prior Lake Irrigation Services

We at Suburban Outdoor Service know that irrigation systems are a great resource in Prior Lake— but when they’re not taken care of, they can become a serious nuisance. That’s why we help people stay on top of maintenance and repairs. With just a couple of maintenance visits a year, you can avoid major malfunctions. If your current system is having issues, we’re here to help.

Spring Start-Up 

Homeowners and business owners with an irrigation system should have start-up services performed in the spring. We will check the entire system up and down, identifying and fixing any broken parts.  During the spring start-up, we’ll also ensure your system settings are programmed correctly for the specific turf and soil types. Performing irrigation maintenance will ensure your system is ready to function properly during the watering season. 


Irrigation system issues can be obvious, but they can also fly under the radar. If you aren’t aware of the signs, you may not recognize an issue until it compounds into a larger problem. 

When to call to have your system inspected?  If you notice any of the following issues: 

Signs of damaged pipes, blocked or broken sprinkler heads or low water pressure. If that’s the case, our experts will get to work fixing your system.  We will work as quickly as possible to find a solution. 


Winterization services (Shut down) are needed to prepare your system for the winter months. Suburban Outdoor Services schedules this service in October. We will shut down your irrigation system by blowing out the lines and confirming they are completely empty. We will also turn off the water supply and controller and assess the condition of the system.  This service is crucial in the fall to avoid freezing irrigation lines, broken sprinkler heads and confirm the backflow preventer has been properly closed.