Suburban Outdoor Services

Snow Removal

Suburban Outdoor Services is the premier snow removal organization in the Southwest metro area. Year after year the property owners of retail stores, apartment complexes, commercial businesses, warehouses, banks and hotels and residential homeowners insist on only contracting with us because of our constant communication and fast reaction to all snow events. We handle any service from snow removal to de-icing, snowblowing, shoveling and salting sidewalks and providing ice melt buckets for your business’s. Because Winter weather is so unpredictable in Minnesota and can be a challenge for commercial and large property owners, we make sure that you get through the snow storms as effortlessly and safely as possible and customers can feel safe walking from the parking lot to your front door.

Our operators are Level 1 certified in snow and ice control best practices through the MPCA. We know when to apply de-icing materials and what the quantity should be for best results. This practice is environmentally friendly which is extremely beneficial to Minnesota’s lakes and streams.

Our snow removal team will continually monitor winter storms as they develop and approach the area. We are ready for any conditions and insure that your roads and parking lots and sidewalks will be cleared as soon as possible whether it is freezing rain, sleet or snow. We are always available during snow events and respond quickly to the conditions.

Suburban Outdoor Services utilizes a wide variety of snow removal and de-icing equipment and are able to manage the heaviest snow events. Our experienced operators and equipment allow us to efficiently and safely manage your property during whatever the winter season delivers us. Nobody handles Winter weather like we do, whether your lots have an inch of snow or ten inches, we get the job done safely and efficiently.